DIY Toy Robot

  • DIY Toy Robot

Introduce junior DIYers to the joys of woodworking with a colourful robot they can build themselves. 

Gun Arvidssen bought his handy son Atreiiu a Colorifc Wood Worx Robot kit from Bunnings. 

‘There are lots of  cool ways to give kids a taste for DIY but this easy-to-assemble timber robot is one of the best,’ says Gun. 

‘The instructions are clear and it’s built with adhesive and dowels, so no tools are required. It’s a complete kit featuring a range of decals and paint colours for an exciting finish, with even the paintbrush included. 

‘It’s a great project for introducing children to woodworking, giving them the satisfaction of building a functional toy with next to no help from an adult. Plus strategic joints are articulated so the robot is posable.’ 

To buy a Colorific Wood Worx kid head to the Colorific website, or visit your local Bunnings store. 

This article originally appeared in the April 2013 edition of Australian Handyman magazine. 

Step 1. Apply the adhesive

Check the instructions to arrange the individual pieces in groups that will be assembled into the head, torso and limbs. Use the supplied brush to apply PVA adhesive to the joining pieces as shown and make the body parts.

Step 2. Attach the limbs

Apply adhesive to one end of the dowels as shown in the instructions and insert them into the pre-drilled holes in the pivot points. Leave to dry then push the dowels into the corresponding holes to attach the pieces and allow the robot to swivel.

Step 3. Paint the model

Wash the paintbrush in soapy water, rinse, then use it to decorate the model with the supplied paints. Let it dry then peel the stickers off the backing sheet and attach to the robot. TIP Keep the meeting faces of the articulated joints paint free.

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