DIY Leather Strap Magazine Rack

  • DIY Leather Strap Magazine Rack

Poppular for sofas and chairs, leather isn’t used for many other home furnishings, even though it is very versatile. 

This project uses leather straps and basic upholstery techniques. The straps are 1.2m belt lengths cut to size. They come in various widths, costing about $10 for a 32mm strap. 

Buy the leather and tools from suppliers like Birdsall Leathercraft. 

For portability and easy storage, this simple timber and leather magazine rack folds up.

Step 1. Make the frame

Cut four legs from 65 x 18mm timber to 550mm using a jigsaw. Cut two rails from 25mm dowel to 400mm. Measure 50mm from the leg tops, trace the rails and drill holes with
a 25mm spade bit. Make a cross with each pair of legs and join with a screw.

Step 2. Prepare straps

Cut five 32mm wide leather straps to 800mm. Mark 140mm from the ends of each strap and fold over to form loops. Punch a 2mm hole near each edge. Sew through both layers with an upholstery needle and waxed thread. Make two loops to fit around the legs.

Step 3. Assemble the seat

Insert the rails in the holes, assemble the frame and check for square. Take it apart, apply PVA adhesive to one pair of legs and insert the rails. Slide the straps onto the rails and secure the other pair of legs with adhesive. Close the legs and slide on the loops.

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