DIY Leather Plant Holder

  • DIY Leather Plant Holder

Create a leather holder for a large house plant and it will double as a decorative element and provide an easy way to move a big pot around. 

This pot is 290mm in diameter and 260mm high, but the holder can be adapted to suit a pot of any size, as it is just made from 32mm wide straps cut to length. 

The holder is assembled around the pot and the straps secured using 3mm rivets. 

What looks like two handles is actually one long strap that’s woven and looped around the pot.

plant holder being held by straps, handyman magazine,
The handle of the pot holder has a tail cut like a ribbon end using a utility blade

Step 1. Make the rings

Punch two holes 2mm from the ends of three 1000mm leather straps, securing with leather rivets. Press
the rings flat with the rivets centred. Mark and punch holes through both layers 85mm from either side of the overlap. Slide the rings on the pot base.

Step 2. Attach the handle

Slide a 1200mm strap under the rings, mark the holes and punch, securing with rivets. Take the handle strap under the pot to the corresponding ring holes and repeat. Loop and take it back under the rings and pot, then up the other side, leaving a 700mm tail.

Step 3. Secure the braces

On each ring, and on either side of the pot, mark and punch holes centred between the handles. Slide
a 200mm strap under the rings, then mark and punch the holes, attaching each brace with rivets. Secure the handle tail over the start point.

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