DIY Beach Towel Rack

  • DIY Beach Towel Rack

Kids love to play in the pool with their friends during the summer, but it does mean lots of wet towels just get dropped on the ground.

The solution is to build a simple towel rack from high pressure pipe, elbows and T-joiners, attaching them to each other with PVC cement.

To make the rack, 40mm pipe was cut to length using a handsaw and joined into two triangular side frames using 45º and 90º elbows. T-joiners were used to connect the frames with cross members.

The six bars of the towel rack are 1m lengths of 15mm PVC pipe. The bars slot into 19mm diameter holes drilled at 200mm spacings into the bar supports at the front.


Step 1. Drill the holes

Use a spirit level to mark a straight line on both bar supports. Mark drilling points every 200mm from the top along the line, then carefully bore 19mm diameter holes using a drill press and spade bit. TIP If you don’t have a drill press, clamp the pipe and use a drill guide.

Step 2. Assemble the sides

Dry-assemble both sides of the frame, orientating the T-joiners so that the open ends are facing each other, using the short T-joiner connectors to space them. Glue the joints one at a time using PVC cement. TIP Use PVC priming fluid to prepare both surfaces before applying cement.

Step 3. Join the sides

Lay one side on a flat surface with the T-joiners facing up, then test-fit the assembly, inserting the bars in the holes and positioning the cross members. Check all the pieces fit together correctly and the frames are parallel, adjusting if needed, then glue the cross members in position.

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