Decorate With Homemade Eggs This Easter

Make your own bright holiday-themed centrepieces with the kids this long weekend.

Decorate With Homemade Eggs This Easter

Bunnies, baby chicks, egg hunts and parades are all hallmarks of a traditional Easter.

With more outdoor activities than most holidays, this is the time of year for garden-inspired decorations.

To give your home an Easter theme all you need is a carton of eggs and a few bits and pieces from the pantry and craft aisle of the hardware store.

Blow out raw eggs and decorate with water-based paints or food dye.

Wrap them in twine and nestle them in a basket of cat grass and flowers as a centrepiece for your Easter table.

Make an egg mobile to hang up indoors or out and create nests of bright, beaded eggs as decorations.

TIP: For a longer-lasting centrepiece, use artificial grass and flowers.

Egg basket centrepiece step 1. Cut the balsa
Egg basket centrepiece
Handyman Magazine

Make a basket from 1mm thick balsa, add a base of 3mm corrugated plastic then decorate it with twine and fill it with real grass for a living table decoration.

TIP: Balsa is a light, flexible wood from hardware and hobby stores that is used for craft.

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