Create a wavy striped wall

  • A blue and grey wavy striped wall

Paint wavy metallic bands on a wall using masking tape and glaze.

Find out easy painting tips for creating this feature wall

To create the effect of wavy metallic bands on a feature a wall, overlapping layers of glaze in three colours were applied to a base coat of light blue.
To make the glazes, mix acrylic metallic paints with an extender.
Thin a dark blue colour with three parts extender, white with two parts and copper with one part to get the same effect as on this wall.
Or you can pick colours to create a scheme that suits the base colour of the wall and your interior decorating.
This wall was masked off with strips of tape that were torn down the middle to create a wavy edge, in a pattern that repeats every 300mm.
Glaze was applied to areas between the strips of tape using a sponge.
We used 50mm wide painter’s tape, choosing it over masking tape. The tearing characteristics are similar but painter’s tape has better paint blocking capabilities for cleaner edges. 
TIP You’ll need three rolls of tape for a three metre wide wall.

Step 1. Mask off the wall

Secure painter’s tape to the wall in vertical strips, working from the top down. Position the tape at the top of the wall then stretch out a piece long enough to reach the base, pressing it firmly with your hand to secure it to the surface.

Step 2. Tear the tape

Starting from the top of the wall, tear one edge of each piece of tape to create a wavy edge. The wavy edges of the tape should face each other.
TIP: Apply painter’s tape to the edge of the ceiling where it meets the wall and mark all the tape strip positions.

Step 3. Apply the glaze

Mix the dark blue paint to make the first glaze. Dip a sponge into clean water and wring it out, then dip it into the glaze. Apply the glaze to the wall in broad strokes between two strips of painter’s tape, leaving about 40mm in between sections.

Step 4. Pounce the glaze

Wet and wring out another sponge and use the flat side of it to pounce the glaze, spreading it to cover the entire surface area between the vertical strips of painter’s tape. Remove the two strips of tape and leave the glaze to dry.

Step 5. Finish the wall

Apply masking tape for the next set of strips. Tear the tape edges then apply and pounce the second glaze colour, overlapping the first. Remove the tape and leave the glaze to dry. Repeat the masking, tearing and glazing steps for the third colour.

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