Create A Photo Display

Create your own show-stopping photographic exhibition by framing and mounting your favourite snaps.

Create A Photo Display

All of us enjoy capturing those special moments on camera.

But the trouble is, our treasured photos often lie unseen for years in boxes or on computers when they should be out on display.

This family room had a long wall that was crying out for some artwork and a simple, low-cost solution was to mount a series of photos in frames.

To create a composition, set out your chosen pictures on the floor so you can fiddle with the spacing, centring and height before you hang them.

Keep rearranging them until you’re happy with the grouping.

FOR LIGHTER PICTURES use hook and loop adhesive-backed strips, so no drilling or nailing is necessary.

Adhesive hanging strips come in a variety of sizes, from light to heavy duty.

FOR HEAVIER PIECES secure with screws into wall studs. Tap the wall and listen for the solid sound between the hollow ones to locate the timber studs.

Use anchors or toggles to keep the screws secure in plasterboard. For masonry walls, drill a hole and fit a masonry plug for the screw.

TIP: Using an electronic stud finder makes it easy to locate studs.

Plan the layout
Plan the layout
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Follow these basic rules to help you get the grouping right.

USE large pictures on long walls and small pictures on short walls.

HANG the lower pieces 200 to 300mm above a sofa back or table.

ENSURE the centre of the composition is at eye level.

AVOID leaving too much space between the pictures, as this will disrupt the effect.

POSITION the dominant piece in the centre and others around it.

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