Create A Children's Room Divider

  • Children's DIY room divider in pink and white

Kids are great at taking the barest hint of an idea and constructing an elaborate imaginary world around it.
If your children love to build forts from sofa cushions, they will be blown away by this castle-inspired screen. It’s the perfect backdrop for legendary adventures.
The divider is made from three 1800 x 450 x 12mm panels of MDF and assembled using 305mm lengths of piano hinge.
Add a decorative flag using a 300mm offcut of 6mm dowel and a triangle of fabric with a 100mm base.
Paint the divider using sample pots. We used Taubmans Peach Statice, Kendall Rose and Cotton Candy.
TIP For safety, attach cabin hooks to keep the leaves locked open in a Z-shape that will minimise the risk of the screen toppling over

Step 1. Draw the design

Mark the roof layout on the MDF panels. The centre panel has five steps up each side of the tower, measuring 41 x 41mm. On the side panels, mark the midpoint of the top to draw a peaked roof 205mm high.

Step 2. Cut the panels

Securely clamp each MDF panel to
a workbench and cut along the marked lines of the stepped and peaked
roof designs using a jigsaw. Smooth
the cut edges using 180 grit abrasive paper.

Step 3. Make the windows

Mark the rectangular windows, drill a starter hole and cut out with a jigsaw. For round windows, trace around a plate, mark the muntins with a set square then cut as before, using a file
to neaten up the corners.

Step 4. Paint the panels

Apply primer to the MDF to seal the surface then paint each panel with two coats of acrylic using a roller, sanding lightly between coats.
TIP MDF is porous so if you don’t use primer you’ll need four coats of paint.

Step 5. Secure the hinges

Lay the centre panel on a flat surface and mark the position of the hinges 300mm from the top and base on both sides. Secure one half of each hinge on the edge of the panel with screws, then attach to the side panels.

Step 6. Add the flag

Fold up the divider and drill a hole 20mm deep in the top of the centre panel using a 6mm twist bit. Make the fabric flag, apply PVA adhesive to the hole and the dowel end, then tap it into the hole.

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