Create A Bark Chip Path In The Garden

  • Create A Bark Chip Path

You can create a garden path in an afternoon using treated pine edging, weedmat and bark chips.

This low-impact method is ideal for a pathway through garden beds and it can be repositioned much more easily than other options. 

It’s also ideal for curving paths and has a much more natural look than concrete or pavers.

Timber edging should last up to 10 years, while bark chips need topping up every few years, as they are walked out of the path or become compacted.

TIP Sloping paths will need to be replenished more frequently.

Step 1. Create a border

Create a border by digging a narrow trench, tapping the edging in with a mallet.

Step 2. Lay the weedmat

Lay the weedmat between the rows of edging and trim to size, then secure using pegs.

Step 3. Spread the bark chip

Spread the bark chip evenly over the weedmat to a thickness of about 75mm.

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