Choosing Animal Insurance

Because we’re so attached to our furry family members we’re not shy about spending big on them. 

Choosing Animal Insurance

In Australia and New Zealand, we absolutely love our pets. 

There are more than 33 million pets across Australia, with 38 per cent of Aussie households owning dogs, 23 per cent owning a cat, and 12 per cent with both. 

In New Zealand those numbers are even greater, with 58 per cent of Kiwis owning at least one cat and/or dog! 

Pet ownership in Australia contributes $4.74 billion to the economy annually.

A hefty portion of that is spent when they need specialist care.

Each year more than $2 billion is spent on trips to the vet, including $224 million on surgical procedures and $75 million on in-patient hospital care.

When a pet gets sick it’s an emotional time and we want them to receive the best care, but it’s a fast way to empty a bank account.

To ensure you’re not left with an eye-watering bill, it’s worth considering pet insurance for when your animal needs emergency care.

Types of cover
Types of cover

There are four main pet insurance policy types ranging from accident cover only, through illness, routine care and third party liability.

To select the best option for your pet, consider your income, the risk to your pet in your area, such as when paralysis ticks are present, and always compare several quotes from different companies.

Also, be sure to check the small print, as there are many situations an insurance company will not cover.

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