Build Wall Mounted Storage Boxes

Make lightweight boxes from 90 x 12mm pine and 3.6mm plywood, two 200mm square and one 300 x 200mm, then mount them on the wall to save bench space. Paint the backs to blend in with the wall colour.


Step 1. Mark and cut

Mark and cut six 176mm ends, four 200mm sides and two 300mm sides from the pine, then one 300 x 200mm and two 200mm square backs from the plywood.

Step 2. Position the position

Position the sides against the ends, securing with adhesive and 30 x 1.6mm nails, burying the heads with a punch. Secure the backs with adhesive and 25 x 1.6mm nails.

Step 3. Sand the surfaces

Sand the surfaces when the adhesive is dry, then prime and paint. Insert wall anchors and 30mm x 8g screws. Attach keyhole plates to the back of each box, then hang them.

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