Build A Slatted Pine Box Seat

Build an outdoor timber bench with a hinged lid that doubles as a place to stash recycling until pick-up day. 
Keep the recycling tucked out of sight on a verandah or by the front door with a timber box designed to double as seating.
The box is assembled from a1500 x 500mm front and back frame and two 500 x 500mm side frames built using 70 x 35mm treated pine lattice surround, about $5 a metre. 
Lattice surround has a readymade groove to house vertical slats cut from 70 x 19mm treated pine, about $3 a metre. The groove is likely to be wider than the slats, so secure them with the gap on the inside of the box.
Decking is used for the top and base boards plus three base supports to keep the box off the ground.
Built entirely with 30mm x 8g and 50mm x 8g treated pine screws it’s finished with an exterior-grade stain. Have the supplier cut the components to size or DIY using a mitresaw. 

Using treated pine 

The box is built using light organic solvent protection (LOSP) treated pine. Ammoniacal copper quaternary (ACQ) pine is available but difficult to source, and chromated copper arsenate (CCA) pine is not permitted for use on playground equipment, decking or handrails as it contains arsenic and carries risk of being carcinogenic.  

Finishing the box 

Smooth all surfaces with 120 grit abrasive paper followed by 180 grit, rounding all edges slightly. To extend the life of the timber, use a brush to apply two coats of an exterior-grade oil-based stain or paint.
Step 1. Assemble the frames

Cut the ends of the rails and stiles at 45º using a mitresaw. Position the rails to assemble the front, back and side frames, sliding 12 slats into the front and back frames then four slats into the side frames.

Step 2. Attach the slats

Secure the mitred corners of the rails and stiles with adhesive and 50mm screws. Space the slats 45mm apart in the front and back frames and 30mm apart in the sides, securing from inside with skewed 30mm screws.

Step 3. Join the frames

Position the side frames between the front and back, securing with 50mm screws through the grooves and checking for square. Position the base supports at the sides and the centre, securing with 50mm screws.

Step 4. Secure base boards

Turn the box the right side up and apply exterior grade PVA adhesive to the ends of the base boards, securing them to the base supports with 30mm x 8g treated pine screws.

Step 5. Make the lid

Cut one lid board along the grain to 60mm wide with a circular saw for the hinge edge. Position boards edge to edge, square the ends and clamp. Mitre one end of the braces for the lid front and position on the boards.

Step 6. Attach the hinges

Secure the braces 50mm from the sides and in the centre of the lid with 30mm x 8g treated pine screws. Secure three T hinges to the braces and back rail with screws to attach the lid to the box with a 50mm overhang. 

Click on the diagram

Follow the labelled diagram to build the outdoor storage bench. It has the name of all the parts and the measurements to help you cut the components and assemble the bench.  

Click on the cutting list

Follow the cutting list to build the outdoor storage bench. It has the name of all the parts and the measurements to help you cut the components and assemble the bench.  

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