Build A Recycled Kitchen Trolley

A rustic style kitchen trolley was made using reclaimed timber from an old hardwood pallet

Recycled kitchen trolley

Old timber can be refashioned into beautiful, functional pieces of furniture

Handyman reader Damien Kelly was inspired to build a kitchen island trolley after flicking through his collection of Handyman magazines and seeing a similar project in the February 2009 issue.

Damien used reclaimed timber to build his trolley, keeping costs down and giving it a rustic worn-look finish.

Hardwood timber pallet with black Silastic in joints
Damien wanted the trolley to have a rustic look

Says Damien, ‘I made the trolley out of an old hardwood pallet and other timber I had lying around.’

To bring the timber back to life Damien used a wire brush on an angle grinder and applied black Silastic to seal the joints and add to the aged effect.

‘It took a while to knock up and I found it a challenge using timber that wasn’t square and straight but pipe clamps helped hold the pieces in position during construction. Trying to keep the project rustic looking also took some thought.’

Timber and pipe clamps. Using pipe clamps helped to hold the pieces in place during construction

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