Build A Poolside Daybed

Making a storage box for pool maintenance equipment that can also be used as a daybed can take up to a week of planning, cutting, building and finishing. 

But you can do it in a day withan Easy Screen Storage Box/Daybed plan from Protector Aluminium

The unit is cut to size from 2m lengths of aluminium available off the shelf from Bunnings Warehouse. 

To build the daybed you’ll need a cordless drill with a Phillips head drive bit to secure the wafer screws and a mitresaw to cut the aluminium. 

The panel parts are made from powdercoated aluminium so it’s not only durable but low maintenance too. 

Making panels 

The blades for all panels are equally spaced and held securely in position by the slots in the end rails that match the profile of the blades exactly. 

Simply push the blades into the slots, ensuring they are fully seated in both rails then secure with two screws through the pre-drilled holes on either side. 

The panels can be positioned so the screw heads face out or in, just ensure they are all facing in the same direction.

Build the box

The daybed is a 2040 x 1035mm box made up of a front, back and sides with a lid and floor, plus four horizontal ground posts to elevate the daybed by 50mm. 

Assembling the panels of the box is as easy as slotting the blades into the end rails. The panels are held together with lengths of U channel side rails that fit over the end rails. 

Secure the blades and U channels with 16mm x 10g wafer screws. 

When the box is built, adding the floor is a simple matter of fitting the blades into a slotted end rail on either side and securing with screws, then laying it in the base of the box. 

The lid has a framework of 50 x 50mm posts secured at the corners using slotted corner brackets. 

Secured inside the framework are two end rails with the blades in between, just like the floor. The lid is attached to the box with hinges. 

Step 1. Join the rails and posts

Fix the end caps then lay the two centre ground posts on a level surface. Position the front and back lower end rails on the ends, centring the posts under the 8th and 15th slots. Secure the rails to the posts with screws.

Step 2. Add the blades

Slot the blades into the lower front and back end rails then add the upper slotted end rail, checking it is fully seated. Secure each blade to the end rails with two screws at each end through the pre-drilled rail holes.

Step 3. Make the corners

Position two U channel side rails with the back face of one rail against the side face of the other and the ends flush. Clamp then drill a 3.5mm pilot hole 50mm from each end, securing with screws. Make three more corners.

Step 4. Secure the side rails

Position the lower slotted end rails for the side panels inside the corners, securing with screws. Position the
end rails on the outer ground posts flush with the outside edge, securing each with three screws

Step 5. Build the box

Slot the corners over the front and back panels, securing with screws into the upper and lower end rails. Slot in the blades for the side panels then add the upper end rails, securing the blades with screws to finish the box.

Step 6. Assemble the floor

Lay the blades for the floor panel on a level surface and fit into the slots of the end rail on one side with screw holes facing up. Brace the fitted rail then slot the blades into the opposite rail, securing the rails with screws.

Step 7. Install the lid corners

Push the corner brackets inside the lid posts with the brackets pointing up. Lay the end rails on the posts flush with the base edges. Join the rails to the posts, securing four equally spaced screws through the slots.

Step 8. Attach the lid posts

Push the front post corner brackets into the lid side posts and slot in the blades, securing with one screw each. Position the back post and work the corners and blades into position until fully seated, securing with screws.

Step 9. Finish the daybed

Position the floor and lid, squaring up the sides. Secure the hinges to the lid back post 400mm from the ends with the supplied screws, then to the back panel upper rail. Add the handle to the centre of the lid front post.

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