Build A Floating Spice Jar Shelf

  • Build A Floating Spice Jar Shelf

Attach herb and spice jars to a purpose-built shelf mounted on a wall or pantry door. To hold six 65mm jars with 50mm diameter lids, use a 450mm long shelf cut from 65 x 12mm pine and a backing cut from 42 x 12mm pine.

Step 1. Mark and cut

Mark and cut the shelf and backing board to length from the pine. Drill 2mm pilot holes, then secure with adhesive and 30mm x 8g screws. Sand and paint.

Step 2. Punch two holes

Punch two holes through each lid and into the underside of the shelf using an awl. Fasten lids to the shelf using two 12mm x 6g screws to stop the lids turning when unscrewing.

Step 3. Attach the shelf

Attach the shelf to the wall using 50mm x 8g screws driven into wall studs. Screw jars into the lids. TIP If attaching the shelf to a pantry door, use 25mm x 8g screws.

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