Barn Door Bin Hideaway

Install a sliding screen to conceal wheelie bins in the backyard.

Barn Door Bin Hideaway

The bin area can be the one spot in the yard everyone wants to stay clear of, but installing a screen can be the perfect solution for keeping the waste bins concealed.

This screen consists of a stationary panel, which is secured to the pergola and pavers, and a sliding panel. The sliding panel is attached to the pergola using a barn door kit, which is available from specialist suppliers or online.

The frames for the two panels are made from hard-wearing meranti, and clad with recycled tallowwood, milled from old railway sleepers.

Make the barn doors - cut the housings
Cut the housings
Sue Ferris

Cut the two frames and cladding with a sliding compound mitresaw.

Mark housings for half-lap joints and cut shoulders using a circular saw set to 9mm deep.

Make relief cuts and chisel out the waste, smoothing the cheeks.

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