8 Storage Hacks For Christmas Decorations

'Tis the time of year to take down holiday decorations and store them for another festive season to come.

8 Storage Hacks For Christmas Decorations

The way you store your decorations will make a huge difference to how easy the reinstallation process will be. If you stack Christmas lights and ornaments into a box without a second thought, then taking them out and detangling will be a nightmare.

Here we list 8 storage hacks for Christmas decorations that will save space and make unpacking a breeze.

1. Easy Ornament Holder
1. Easy Ornament Holder
Handyman Magazine

Here is a great idea for effectively storing Christmas ornaments.

All you need is a plastic tub with a lid, wooden dowels and rubber leg tips.

Drill two holes in each end of the tub, insert dowels through them, and then cap the dowels with rubber tips to keep them in place.

Hang ornaments from the dowels and store things like Christmas tablecloths on the bottom.

Storing ornaments this way will prevent them from becoming tangled, and allow you to easily see what is stored in each tub.

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