8 Easy Kitchen Updates

Revamp the busiest room in the house by giving all the surfaces a fresh new look.

The kitchen sees lots of use on a daily basis, so over time it will start to look tired and show the signs of wear and tear.

A run-down kitchen is not an enjoyable place to prepare meals, plus a dated look won’t do you any favours come resale time.

Installing a new kitchen can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars and take weeks, but a simple surface transformation can be done on a DIY budget in a weekend.

Old benchtops, cabinets, sinks and floors can all be repaired, replaced or revamped to give the kitchen a completely new look.

1. Make stainless steel shine
1. Make stainless steel shine

To remove rust and water spots from the sink, make up a paste using cream of tartar and a small amount of lemon juice in a bowl.

Apply the paste directly onto the rust spots, leave to soak in then wipe clean using a clean cloth dipped in white vinegar.

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