5 Ways To Cook Chicken Breast

5 Ways To Cook Chicken Breast

Chicken breast is a versatile, easy-to-cook ingredient that features in dishes the world over. If you buy chicken breast regularly but find yourself cooking the same dishes over and over then keep reading. In this blog we list five different ways you can cook chicken breast with recipes to boot.

You’ll be using chicken breast in all your weeknight dinners and no one will be complaining! 

1. Pan fry or Chargrill

Cook chicken breast over the stovetop by using a frying or chargrill pan. Provided you pay attention to heat and cooking time, this method of cooking yields tender and tasty chicken.  Our Mandarin Chicken With Bean Sprout and Watercress Salad requires marinating and cooking chicken breasts over high heat. 

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Click here for the recipe to this Mandarin Chicken with Bean Sprout and Watercress Salad 

2. Bake

Baking chicken breast is a way to ensure that your meat is moist and packed with flavour. For a healthy and filling weeknight meal try this Cuban Mojo Chicken Bowl which features roasted chicken breast and veggies served over cauliflower cous cous and a citrus almond dressing.

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Click here for the recipe to this Cuban Mojo Chicken Bowl 

3. Deep fry

Love a bit of grub from the pub? Deep-fried chicken is a universally loved dish that is featured on pub menus worldwide. You don’t need to wait for a night out to enjoy this delicious indulgence. You can deep-fry chicken at home using a large saucepan. Check out this recipe for chicken parmigiana that was shared with us by pub owner, James Wirth.

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 Click here to get the recipe for this Chicken Parmigiana  

4. Boil

Boiled chicken breast sounds boring but it doesn’t have to be. Include boiled chicken in soups and stews and be amazed by how hearty, delicious and filling boiled chicken breast can be. Try this recipe for Chicken and Yuzu Ramen that includes egg, ginger, ramen noodles and shredded chicken breast.

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Click here to get the recipe for this Chicken And Yuzu Ramen 

5. Barbecue

For the ultimate melt-in-your-mouth, flavour-packed chicken breast you cannot go past a marinated and barbecued morsel. Try this zesty recipe for Lime Chicken, it is incredibly easy to prepare and goes well with simple sides like garden salad, rice or steamed green beans.

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Click here for the recipe to this barbecued Lime Chicken 


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