5 Tips For Mounting Artwork Like A Professional

Are your bare walls boring you to tears?

Whether you hang a priceless family heirloom or a cheap and cheerful reproduction, a well-positioned artwork can transform the ambience of a room.

5 Tips For Mounting Artwork Like A Professional - Pixabay

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1. Know your style
1. Know your style

If your home were an art gallery, what type would it be? Is your interior minimal and contemporary? Or does your space exude a more classic charm?


If your home has a contemporary look, stick to clean lines, modern framing materials and consistent colour schemes. An oversized abstract, a triptych, or a grid configuration will compliment your space. To create an effective symmetrical grid, use slick monochromatic frames, spaced 4-6cm apart.


Is your home more Louvre than Tate Modern? You can combine different textures and hues and play around with eclectic salon-style configurations. If you opt for large ornate frames, leave enough empty wall space around the frame for the piece to breathe.

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