20 Hilarious DIY Disasters

Handyman readers share their hilarious home-improvement mishaps.

20 Hilarious DIY Disasters

What happens when DIY goes wrong?

Find out in this article where we list 20 DIY mishaps made by fellow Handyman readers.

These tales of woe are hilarious but also serve as a caution to us all. 

When comes to DIY don't take shortcuts and pay attention to detail!

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1. My dog got stuck in the strangest place
1. My dog got stuck in the strangest place

Due to an insurance inspection, I had to finish building our back deck and steps fast.

It was raining, so I cut the timber under cover of the front verandah and carried the pieces into the backyard to install.

Our dachshund, Beavis, was very interested in the excavation and spent the day digging there.

When the last board was in place, he was nowhere to be found.

Then I heard whining under the steps and realised what I’d done. His exploring had led him under the porch.

And removing one board wasn’t enough, I had to take up several and crawl in to fetch him.

Gerald Price

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