14 Old School Tips And New School Hacks

Tips from the old school handy masters and hacks from the new school up-and-comers.

14 Old School Tips And New School Hacks

Handy men and women from the old school of DIY often knew the best way out of a jam and passed their skills on by word of mouth, or through an apprentice.

Today's handy men and women can crowdsource solutions and if nothing suits, probably download an app.

We take look at the best handy tips and tricks to come from both generations.

1. Remove a hollow wall anchor
1. Remove a hollow wall anchor
The Family Handyman

The great thing about hollow wall anchors is that they provide a cheap, fast method for attaching heavy items to stud-framed walls.

There are many types of such wall anchor devices, and each works slightly differently. So what happens when you want to change the location of a family photo or mirror?

Some plastic, cone-shaped, expanding anchors can be pulled out from the front of the wall.

But flanged wall anchors can’t be pulled out intact, because the four folding arms lock up against the inside of the wall.

Here’s how to remove one.

1. To remove an expanding wall anchor, grab, bend and snap off the flange using long-nosed pliers. Avoid digging the pliers into the wall itself.

2. Push the anchor body into the wall cavity with a nail. Repair the wall with patching compound, then apply some touch-up paint to the spot.

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