13 signs you’re about to hire a dodgy tradie

Glowing reviews on a home service website doesn’t necessarily mean a tradesman is good.

13 signs you’re about to hire a dodgy tradie

These are the real signs you should look for before you sign on the dotted line.

1. They give a bad first impression
They give a bad first impression
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You’re off to a great start finding a tradesman after searching on a popular home service online directory.

A few are matched with your project and the calls start coming - from one contractor with the same voicemail recording several times in one hour.

That’s persistent but also a sign the company is desperate for business says Michael Bordes, president, US-based AA Jedson Company, LLC.

Still, the tradesman has great reviews so you set up a time to get an estimate.

Then the tradie arrives two hours late and offers no apologies for the tardiness.

“Punctuality in the construction business is extremely important and should be the main precedence on how your relationship begins with the client,” says Bordes.

When hiring someone you need to check that each tradie you hire is properly qualified and has a current licence, and draw up a contract so you both understand the work conditions and expectations of the project

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