12 Painting Hacks Every DIYer Should Know

12 Painting Hacks Every DIYer Should Know

Many logistical issues can present themselves during a DIY paint project.

Keeping paint rollers wet between coats, unclogging spray can nozzles and storing left over paint correctly are tasks that can become challenges if you don't have the right know-how.

In this blog we list 12 painting hacks that every DIYer should know.

Each hack presents a handy solution to those pesky, technical problems that can arise while painting.

1. Paint with less mess
1. Paint with less mess
Handyman Magazine

All you need to paint with less mess is a bucket!

Place your paint tin inside a bucket and all drips and spills will be contained.

Keep a damp tea towel handy so you can quickly wipe up any rogue paint flecks.

You can use your mop bucket or head to the local hardware store and buy a new bucket for under $10.

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