12 Camping Hacks That Make Living Outdoors A Breeze

Take advantage of the warm weather and explore nature on a budget getaway.

Handy Guide to Camping

Heading off on a family or group holiday can be challenging with work and school commitments and expensive airfares, making it difficult to get away.

But its the perfect time for camping.

All it takes to experience the natural locations near you is a few inexpensive essentials and a bit of planning.

1. Where to go
Where to go

Choosing a destination is the first step, as campsites have different levels of amenities and this determines what you’ll need to bring.

Booking is always recommended during peak periods.

Holiday parks are ideal for first timers, as they normally have hot showers, gas barbecues and the option of powered or unpowered sites.

National parks offer beautiful natural attractions and fun activities, but usually have fewer facilities.

Bush campsites normally don’t have any amenities, so you’ll need to bring everything with you.

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